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VK Pass 2 Safe Biodegradable Passivation

Safe Biodegradable Non Toxic Passivation Cleaning of Stainless Steel tanks and pipes / tubes with industry Trusted product VK Pass-2


VK Pass - 2 : New Pathbreaking Conce
pt from the

makers of "VK" Chemicals

VK Pass - 2 is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous , Safe chelant passivation used for S.S. equipments & pipings specially for industries like Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food, Beverages, Cosmetics etc.

Coverage : Approx. 40 sq. ft. per kg


Benefits of VK Pass-2

- Improved and faster removal of free iron from the surfaces.

- Optimum corrosion resistance of process piping and equipments.

- An ideal depth improvement of the passive layer optimising chrome iron ratio on the surfaces.

- Provides a clean and non-rusting surface.

- Useful for cleaning in pre-operational maintenance and post-operational stainless steel process systems.

- Increases corrosion resistance when applied on pickled and electropolished surfaces.

- An absolutely environmentally safe chemistry that also offers ease of disposal in the sewage system.

- Does not affect epoxy flooring.

VK® Stainless Steel Passivation chemicals does not contain chlorides or sulphates.

Tested & Approved by IIT Bombay under ASTM A380 standards.

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